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Author Spotlight: ANA MANWARING

Tell Me a Story

I’m excited to showcase a new book by seasoned author and poet, Ana Manwaring in this month’s Author Spotlight! Ana is a creative writing teacher and book editor from northern California. Her poetry, personal narratives, book reviews and short stories have appeared in diverse publications including the California Quarterly, KRCB Radio, Morning Haiku, and Mystery Readers Journal. She has also written a lifestyle column for a local paper, prepared taxes, taught ESL, worked for a PI, consulted brujos and outrun gun totin’ maniacs on lonely Mexican highways—the inspiration for The JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventures. After earning her M.A., Ana finally answered her mother’s question, “What are you planning to do with that expensive education?” Be a writer!

Let’s talk about Set Up, Manwaring’s latest title. Who is Jade-Anne Stone and what is she doing in Mexico?

A case to locate an American missing from the resorts of Ixtapa…

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Puppy Picture


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Cute Dog Pictures

How can you not love that face!

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Puppy Pics


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I can’t help myself! This is too cute to resist! Happy Valentine’s Day to all. And thanks to FUN LOVING DOGS.


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Cute Pet

Cute pets are great inspiration for creative types.


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Pet Picture

I love this blog!

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Sunday morning in the shadow of Sonoma Mountain


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In Her Own Words


hd_sht3_bw_smAs a follow up to my post, Absolution, last week, here’s what author DV Berkom has to say about her latest Leine Basso release via Absolution is Here!

DV Berkom Books

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00042]

P.S. Don’t miss Berkom’s Kate Jones series:

Kate and her college friend take a vacation in Mazatlán after graduation before settling into careers. But Kate meets Roberto Salazar at a disco, and doesn’t go home—at least until she steals a case of more than a million in cash from her narco boyfriend and his kingpin boss, Anaya—and flees—with the narcos hot on her trail in the debut, Bad Spirits. For Kate, testifying against a Mexican drug lord and a dirty DEA agent doesn’t turn out to be a life enhancing choice and she’s been on the run ever since, through six more novellas and novels. Kate tells her story in a fast paced narrative that’s part regret, part bravado, part snarky and always entertaining. For audiobook lovers, reader Melissa Moran is perfect as Kate Jones.




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Storm Clouds

Welcome back, Robert Nathaniel “Bob” Winters. Today Bob warns us the political climate winds are a changin’ and we better get ready.


 Have you noticed so many ex-hippies are getting their hips replaced? Maybe from taking too many trips. Okay, sorry bad pun.

Seriously, if your body needs a hip replaced get it done, because the hip bone is connected to the leg bones, is connected to the feet bones, and we all need to do what we need to do to get up and march.


We now have a president who is so odious and Orwellian that he makes Nixon look good in hind-sight. Can you believe the party that was once dominated by Joe McCarthy is rejecting NATO and kowtowing to a Russian Dictator?


Mr. Trump it seems even borrows from Hitler’s playbook, “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.”



I’ve looked a storm clouds from both sides now. Thunder and lightning’s a-coming. So, old friends, get your hips fixed and be ready to rock and roll. You don’t have to be a weatherman to know that climate change winds are going to blow.

Nathaniel R. Winters

July 2018


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