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Author Spotlight: ANA MANWARING

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I’m excited to showcase a new book by seasoned author and poet, Ana Manwaring in this month’s Author Spotlight! Ana is a creative writing teacher and book editor from northern California. Her poetry, personal narratives, book reviews and short stories have appeared in diverse publications including the California Quarterly, KRCB Radio, Morning Haiku, and Mystery Readers Journal. She has also written a lifestyle column for a local paper, prepared taxes, taught ESL, worked for a PI, consulted brujos and outrun gun totin’ maniacs on lonely Mexican highways—the inspiration for The JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventures. After earning her M.A., Ana finally answered her mother’s question, “What are you planning to do with that expensive education?” Be a writer!

Let’s talk about Set Up, Manwaring’s latest title. Who is Jade-Anne Stone and what is she doing in Mexico?

A case to locate an American missing from the resorts of Ixtapa…

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