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Colon Alert: Something’s Coming…


Thanks to the Grammar Diva Arlene Miller’s wonderful blog, this blog post talks about using colons, and how to write different types of lists correctly.

Source: Colon Alert: Something’s Coming…



noun: colon; plural noun: colons
  1. a punctuation mark (:) indicating.
    • that a writer is introducing a quotation or a list of items.
    • that a writer is separating two clauses of which the second expands or illustrates the first.
    • a statement of proportion between two numbers.
      “a ratio of 10:1”
    • the separation of hours from minutes (and minutes from seconds) in a statement of time given in numbers.
      “4:30 p.m.”
    • the number of the chapter and verse respectively in biblical references.
      “Exodus 3:2”

mid 16th century (as a term in rhetoric denoting a section of a complex sentence, or a pause before it): via Latin from Greek kōlon ‘limb, clause.’

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