Once upon a time in the rarely talked about Frosty sector of Fantasyland, a tale is told about a magenta-haired girl named Wren. Wren lived with her parents in an Igloo where they had to put down stakes for back-door reasons. The maid was slender and so innocent she would blush when she would hear her name being called.

One morning while picking frozen Apricots (which would be squashed to sell for desserts) she was distressed to see her Igloo home begin to soften. Her Father, a thief whose only talent was looting and plundering, would be no help in this or any other crises. Wren's distraught Mother looked out of the scullery window, lips pursed in anger, as her house warmed into a puddle.


Fear was now at its zenith when, like a bolt of lightening, an incredible memory of great significance came to her. She recalled a hidden bag of magic seeds purloined some time ago and given to her by, you guessed it, her husband as his gift for Valentine's Day and to celebrate the day their child was born. She felt it came to her just at the right time and anyway funny stuff happens in Fantasyland.

Could it be that her shifty mate's love gift would be their salvation?

Now unearthed from under the floorboards, the small leather pouch yielded a  papyrus that read; "WARNING PLANT ONLY ONE OKRA POD AT A TIME" In smaller yet and nearly unreadable lettering at the very bottom of the page it read: "Enchanted Farmers Inc. Herby release any and all responsibility for the undisciplined growth of these contents," and in even smaller print was, "Shuck at your own risk."

The pod grew, all the igloos disappeared, and magenta-haired Wren, her mother, and the now celebrated ex-pilferer continue to live  quite contentedly in their ever expanding house in the little known and rarely talked about Frosty sector of Fantasyland.